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The Cinderella of the Baby Boomer Retirement

By Harlan Accola

Harlan J. Accola offers guidance collected from over twenty years in the industry and collaboration from financial planning professionals. The overpowering evidence in the research conducted displays that most people should get a reverse mortgage as soon as they are eligible at age 62 not 82 or 92 when they run out of money.

The views of the author do not necessarily reflect those of Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation.


What’s Inside:

In this entertaining and easy-to-understand guide, Accola presents step by step how to use home equity so you can enjoy the fourth quarter of your life. He is candid about the current state of retirement preparation. As baby boomers reach the prime of their lives, they find themselves faced with new challenges that require real and immediate action steps that will help you get the most out of your retirement.

What you’ll learn

The psychology behind accepting or rejecting reverse mortgages

Basics of creating liquidity from your home equity

Importance of planning and buying an umbrella before it starts to rain

Advantages of using a reverse mortgage line of credit


What the professionals say...

“Harlan Accola has made the case in a clear and easy to understand manner for considering a reverse mortgage as part of a responsible retirement income plan. His Cinderella analogy is apt; reverse mortgages are under appreciated and are poised to become more popular with retirees. This book can help many Americans to understand why the conventional wisdom about saving home equity to be used as a last resort in retirement rarely makes much sense.”

– Wade D. Pfau, PhD, CFA | Professor of Retirement Income | The American College Director of Retirement Research | McLean Asset Management Chief Planning Strategist inStream Solutions

“Reverse mortgages need to be better understood by the baby boomer retirees as it represents a viable retirement income solution for millions. However, biases and misconceptions are holding people back from unlocking the full potential of their home in retirement. Harlan’s book points out some of the key aspects of why American’s dislike reverse mortgages and how to overcome this psychological barrier.”– Jamie Hopkins, Esq., MBA, LLM, CLU®, ChhFC®, RICP®, CFP Professor | The American College of Financial Services

“To understand the critical role home equity plays in financial planning, one must visualize the full story. In his book, Harlan tells us how the story can unfold in his characteristic common-sense style. With his relevant and creative illustrations, the reader will have a better framwork for making financial decisions about retirement.”

– Dan Hultquist, CRMP, MBA, Author | Understanding Reverse